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Hey Everybody!

Don’t forget: tomorrow, September 8th, is the last day to turn in submissions for Remember the Good Times! So send them in, please!


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Deadline Further Pushed Back

Please have your submissions for Remember The Good Times in by SEPTEMBER 8th. I am 98% that this will be the last deadline push.
Sorry everyone. Tell your friends!

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Next Theme: “Remember The Good Times”


“Remember The Good Times”
colors: (that is supposed to be) Purple and Black.
size: 5.5in x 7in
due: Try to have these in by August 21.

Here are some things to keep in mind:
– The artwork needs to be drawn.
– You must include the words of the theme.
– Scan your work in at 300dpi or higher. Make sure the file you send me is at least 300dpi.
– This will be screen printed, so if you know about the process, you can send me the artwork split into two solid black layers – what you want purple and what you want black. At the very least, try to send me a file where the purple is on one layer and the black on another.
If you still can’t or don’t want to do that, no big deal, I will just split it up when i get it.

This is an OPEN CALL for submissions. I want everyone to doodle something and send it in, but understand that not everyone that sends something in will make it into the final print version.
ONLY 16 artists make it in. That is, until I start selling enough of these to get a bigger budget.
If your artwork does get selected, you get a free artist proof of the book. (It looks exactly the same, it is just one of the ones printed first).
And you can then make a donation, if you feel so compelled.

So there you go!
Please start submitting right away.
Send files to randrenfrow@gmail.com OR testeverythingpress@gmail.com
Send your questions and concern there as well. AND PLEASE TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Test Everything relies on awesome people like you spreading the word!

~rand renfrow
ps: There are a few copies of Don’t Worry About the Smiles, They’re Normal left in the store. Also, please sign up for the email newsletter, not just for updates, but also for prizes!


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