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Deadline Pushed Back (& other news)

Hey everybody! Just a few quick announcements. Anybody who has ordered anything before Christmas and after – all orders have been shipped, Test Everything is all caught up. And due to catching up with shipments and orders, the inventory looks like this: Issue 002: Don’t Worry About The Smiles, They’re Normal, is completely sold out. You can’t buy it online or in stores. So thanks everyone for buying! On that note though, there is still plenty of copies of everything else in the store, except for maybe It Is Time.

Also, Test Everything Issue 003: I’ll See You In My Dreams can now be found at the following wonderful stores: Domy Books in Austin (as usual), Nudashank in Baltimore, and Quimby’s in Chicago. Hooray! If you live near those retailers, go out and get it. And look for our next issues to continue to hit the selves at those stores, and hopefully more as relationships develop.

Alright, last but not least, is the most important news. I have only received 12 submissions for the current theme: It Is a Pleasure To Meet You. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of the entries so far, but I need more! So i am pushing the deadline back even further. The new deadline is February 12. So send ’em in! Tell your friends! Hit the blogs! I would love to see what you got! Thanks everybody. The next issue (Hugs Will Save Us) is almost done.



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Hey Everybody!

Don’t forget: tomorrow, September 8th, is the last day to turn in submissions for Remember the Good Times! So send them in, please!

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Deadline Further Pushed Back

Please have your submissions for Remember The Good Times in by SEPTEMBER 8th. I am 98% that this will be the last deadline push.
Sorry everyone. Tell your friends!

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“Remember the Good Times” Deadline Pushed Back to End of August

Hello everybody!
Just wanted to pop in and announce a few things.
First of all, for some reason the submissions for the newest theme are a little slow going. I have only recieved 9 submissions so far. While all of these are great, this is not enough submissions to even create the next issue, much less enough for the ideal situation, in which I have more than 16 to choose from. For instance, there were 25 submissions for the “Hugs” theme. The most so far!
Anways, I want to reiterate the fact that I encourage anyone and everyone to submit something, and now everyone has even more time. For fear that I will not receive enough in time, the deadline for the “Remember the Good Times” theme has been extended to the end of August. So please try and have your art in by then.
Also, this means that I may have to renege on my promise of one issue a month. Since I am not getting enough submissions per month to make an issue, I am just moving the release dates to whenever I have enough submissions to make up an issue. Make sense? And hopefully someday soon that will be once a month!
So keep sending me your lovely work all you great people, and keep blogging and telling your friends!

Also, Also, I would like to inform everyone that this website, actually the front, “home”, page will start functioning as a general art blog soon. Not only will this inform you of the current goings on of artists already involved with Test Everything, But also expose you to even more artist out there working their tails off. Our zines can only cover so much! Think of this as a new “e-zine” aspect of Test Everything.

As always, Test Everything is ready to bring any artist’s idea to fruition. Any idea you have involving publishing or printing, let us hear it! We would love to help you out. More specifically Test Everything is looking to publish some screen prints by some awesome artists. If that is you, then shoot us an email with your proposed art and we will let you know if we want to work with you.

ok thanks,


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Deadline for “Hugs” submissions

Hello all you awesome people. First order of business: a huge thank you to all the people who have submitted for the Hugs Will Save Us issue so far. I believe I have 20 submissions so far, and a few other people who have promised to do one, that just haven’t gotten back to me yet. So start adding those finishing touches friends, because the deadline for submissions to the Hugs issue is WEDNESDAY, JULY 29th. Put it on your calendars, it is coming up! I hope to see a few more entries by that time.

And another awesome thing: Don’t Worry About the Smiles, They’re Normal is now available for purchase at Domy Books in Austin, TX and Nudashank Gallery in Baltimore, MD. Sweet! Thanks for carrying it guys!

Also, I would like to highlight a feature of this Test Everything website. I know I have mentioned it before, but in the column to the right is a link to sign up for the email list. Now, I haven’t sent an official Test Everything email newsletter out yet, but by signing up not only will it be easier for you to receive updates from Test Everything, but you will also be eligible for prizes. That is right, prizes and surprises. There will be contests for people on the email list only to participate in, and probably a few other announcements, that I will just never post on here. Most of these prizes are also things that aren’t in the store (yet) and other items no one has seen.
In other words, please sign up for the email list, it’ll make your life easier and more wonderful. There are 47 subscribers right now (thank you awesome people), lets see if we can get 100 by the end of July. Maybe more. Tell your friends about it. No spam, promise.
Thanks everybody. And be looking for the next theme to be posted in a day or two. It is a good one!
(again that deadline is: WEDNESDAY, JULY 29th)


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