TEST EVERYTHING specializes in producing editioned fine art books, zines, posters, and pretty much anything that can be screen printed. Currently we are taking submissions for proposed artist books and prints and really, honestly, any idea you have. So if you have an idea, please hit us up at: randrenfrow@gmail.com OR testeverythingpress@gmail.com.

Here is how this will work: you (the artist) propose an idea you have cooked up, and TEST EVERYTHING will work with you (the artist) to layout and prepare the stencils for making the printed material, probably via email. Then TEST EVERYTHING will cover all the production cost (ink, paper, prints) and then we’ll either split the edition and both try to sell it, or one of us will try to sell all of them, and then just make sure the profits get split up evenly. Get to it!


3 responses to “About

  1. Hello Rand ,I am making a very lo.fi little book/zine for my degree show ,its going to be a bit of a compromise as I am getting it done at the local copy shop , but I would abso love to submit something to be done with an artist collaborayor , too exciting and ultimately more satistfying , I hope you like my work ,you can get a fair idea from my blog …please count me in on the open submission zine ,would I have to pay if my idea for an artists book got accepted ? good luck with your atelier it smells right ! Jane

  2. what’s up with remember the good times?

    • rand

      details will be posted soon.
      sorry for the lack of evidence of productivity, but rest assured, many things are happening here at Test Everything.

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