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SXSW Event: 20 Zines in 2 Days!

Hey everybody. I know there has been a lack of posting. I’ll address that later – all you need to know is that we are still cooking up projects here, but that some of the printing equipment has been on the fritz, so production is at a stand still. Quite frustrating actually. Anyways, more about that later, this post is to tell you about a super neat South By Southwest even that Test Everything Press is co-hosting with Winners! Press at Domy Books in Austin, Texas. Check out the flyer below, and repost it everywhere you blog!

So basically anyone who shows up gets to help make 20 zines, each with a different theme. But to determine the themes, you have to submit your ideas! As many as you want. That way, if you don’t live in Austin you can still help. You may email me theme ideas as well: or Also, email me if you are confused. Hope you can make it!

OH, and if you didn’t see, Test Everything got awarded best self publishing of 2009 in Austin, TX as awarded by Domy Books!


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