Deadline for “Hugs” submissions

Hello all you awesome people. First order of business: a huge thank you to all the people who have submitted for the Hugs Will Save Us issue so far. I believe I have 20 submissions so far, and a few other people who have promised to do one, that just haven’t gotten back to me yet. So start adding those finishing touches friends, because the deadline for submissions to the Hugs issue is WEDNESDAY, JULY 29th. Put it on your calendars, it is coming up! I hope to see a few more entries by that time.

And another awesome thing: Don’t Worry About the Smiles, They’re Normal is now available for purchase at Domy Books in Austin, TX and Nudashank Gallery in Baltimore, MD. Sweet! Thanks for carrying it guys!

Also, I would like to highlight a feature of this Test Everything website. I know I have mentioned it before, but in the column to the right is a link to sign up for the email list. Now, I haven’t sent an official Test Everything email newsletter out yet, but by signing up not only will it be easier for you to receive updates from Test Everything, but you will also be eligible for prizes. That is right, prizes and surprises. There will be contests for people on the email list only to participate in, and probably a few other announcements, that I will just never post on here. Most of these prizes are also things that aren’t in the store (yet) and other items no one has seen.
In other words, please sign up for the email list, it’ll make your life easier and more wonderful. There are 47 subscribers right now (thank you awesome people), lets see if we can get 100 by the end of July. Maybe more. Tell your friends about it. No spam, promise.
Thanks everybody. And be looking for the next theme to be posted in a day or two. It is a good one!
(again that deadline is: WEDNESDAY, JULY 29th)



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2 responses to “Deadline for “Hugs” submissions

  1. Rand, My copy of “Don’t worry about the smiles” arrived today…I just wanted to say how unbelievably beautiful it is. It’s genuinely astonishing. Thanks so much 🙂

    • greatsaints

      you are welcome. props to the artists as well. i just put the thing together.
      the best thing you can do for me is spread the word. thanks,

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