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Help out Proximity Magazine

If you don’t know about Proximity Magazine, then here is your chance to get acquainted, and in doing so, help them out for their next issue. Trust me, as soon as you lay eyes on their wonderful design and read an article, you will be an fan.

So, the next issue (005) is The Photo Issue, and they are asking Proximity readers and non-readers alike to tell them your favorite contemporary photographer. To do so, send an email to ed@proximitymagazine.com, with the subject line saying: ATTN PHOTO ISSUE. Tell them the name and url of your favorite contemporary photographer. ONLY 1 (ONE) NAME PLEASE. They only need one. I suggest you follow these guidelines, else you risk your helpful information being ignored unintentionally.

Thanks everybody! If you do Proximity Magazine this favor, you’d being doing Test Everything one as well.
Spread the word also.


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