Welcome to the all new Test Everything site!

Well, it sure has been a while. Sorry about that. We were really trying to get everything more organized here at Test Everything, so things would be easier for everyone to stay updated, to submit ideas, to communicate, and to purchase Test Everything releases, and it just took a little longer than expected. This site is still in the works, so please bear with us as new features develop.

The first new thing you will notice is the Test Everything emailing list. Above and to the right is a link to sign up to receive updates about all Test Everything has going on, delivered straight to your inbox. No more checking our flickr everyday, or our outdated myspace page, or, heck, even this website. All updates will come to you, safe and sound (and not too often as to be annoying) with details galore. We promise, no spam.

Also, we have a brand new STORE, for easier checkouts, with a brand new issue of our themed zine!

Don’t Worry About The Smiles, They’re Normal
(An edition of 30. Featuring: Will Bryant, Katie Turner, Jay Cover, +more!)
cover by: C86 | Matt Lyon (view all spreads @ Flickr)
This issue is amazing! Such wonderful contributors. It is hard to believe how things just keep getting better at Test Everything.
(ALSO, check out the new buttons for sale in the STORE.)

If you are sitting there wondering what this is all about, then check out the ABOUT page. When that is done, it should have all the information you need about Test Everything, and about how to submit to our themed zines, and how to get the ball rolling on any idea you may have.
We are still accepting submissions from any creative people for any printing project whatsoever. Just email us at testeverythingpress@gmail.com or randrenfrow@gmail.com. Can’t wait to here from you!

(the next post after this will announce the next theme and colors and info for the next issue of the zine. Stay tuned! Tell your friends!)

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